The End of War

from by Aviyn



I am on my knees looking to the sky. Hear me oh god. I'm calling out your name, I've been just waiting here

all night and I've heard not a single word. No more waiting.. Oh creator in the sky. I turned to you for eternal

life now I have been left to die. Who the fuck do you think you are? such empty promises, you will be the next to


Was there more I could have done, for you to find me worthy? Was there more I could have done? So much more I

could have been. I have been left to die.. So don't you wonder why i will no longer serve your fucking hands?

This Relationship, it's over.

I gather all the strength I have and pull myself to shade, you're taken all tat I had left. So I'll replace it with

rage and let the hatred heal these wounds. I want to see your armies fall, spill their blood with these two hands.

I'm going to fucking make you pay, I'm going to take so many lives. If your up there god I'll find a way, to you

and you can run and hide. But we will soon be face to face and I will stab this sword into your chest. Watch the

light flee from your fucking eyes, ill be the one, to end your kingdom. When your heart stops beating, everyone

thinks that you love us. Ill be the one to end all the lies, to end all your lies, to end it all.

To defy a god you must become a god. Everything that you need is inside of you, everything.

You will pay for this.


from Aviyn, released June 26, 2012



all rights reserved


Aviyn Hominy, Oklahoma

Aviyn is a 5 piece melodic metalcore band from the Tulsa, OK Area. We just finished tracking our full length self titled album, which is tentatively set to release in Spring 2012. We have acquired Nick Sampson for production/mixing/mastering of the album. He is most notable for his work with the bands; I am Abomination, In Fear and Faith, and Adestria. ... more

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